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Picnic Baskets South Africa is the perfect website to assist you in choosing your picnic baskets. We are the premier supplier of picnic baskets and picnic sets in South Africa.

picnic sets South Africa

Your Picnic Basket Supplier of Choice

Are you looking for a picnic basket supplier in South Africa? A picnic set makes the perfect corporate gift and is ideal for families or for romantic outings.Picnic baskets can be enjoyed by the entire family and South Africa is the perfect country almost year round for picnics!  A picnic basket is a memorable gift that your clients will love and appreciate. Are you looking for a perfect end of year gift for your staff or for clients? If so, we have a lovely selection for you to choose from.We supply and brand these picnic bags and baskets If you want branding, please let us know and we will also brand for you. Perhaps you have a wedding coming up and plan on having a picnic wedding? Then one of our picnic baskets will be perfect for you. Wherever in South Africa you are, we can deliver your picnic baskets to you. We have set up our picnic baskets South Africa website to give you a great user experience.h

If by some chance you are wanting a certain colour picnic set, please let us know and we will see what we can do. We are a bulk supplier with a minimum order quantity of 25 units per order.  A picnic can be enjoyed at any time of year, even in winter, we can’t stay inside all the time. So why don’t you think of beating the cabin fever and packing a picnic?

We also have some great wine coolers and coffee sets to go along with your picnic. These are more specialized sets with contents suited to the set. Our awesome braai cooler is a great cooler bag that includes a handy braai set and cutlery.

Having your logo branded on these beautiful sets is a great way to market your company.

Our range of sets are available in different styles and sizes for you to choose from.

The traditional woven picnic basket is a classic, whilst the picnic backpack is a funky new style.

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