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Picnic Blankets South Africa

Picnic Blankets South Africa- A wonderful item for the whole family to enjoy this summer, a picnic blanket set is a brilliant item that can be enjoyed time and time again. Perfect for a sunny picnic in the park or a day out in the sun with friends, these items are great to have. With stylish designs and incredibly soft material, there is no place better to take an afternoon nap in the sun.

Some of our favourite picnic blankets and sets:

Wine Bag with Picnic Blanket

3 reasons why this is a great picnic set

  1. Insulated cooler compartment
  2. Wine glasses and utensils for two
  3. Fantastic fleece blanket

Java Flask and Blanket Set

3 reasons why this is a brilliant blanket set

  1. Stylish flak and mugs
  2. Cheeseboard and cutlery for two
  3. Hidden blanket compartment behind cutlery

Alfresco Picnic Blanket

3 reasons why this is an ideal picnic blanket

  1. Available in black
  2. Rolls up into bag
  3. Large branding area on the front flap

Don’t miss out on these awesome picnic blankets South Africa, e-mail now to order yours.